Monday, January 30, 2012

When Did I Get Back Fat?

I think there's a statute of limitations on how long I can claim that Calvin caused all of the excess fat on my body.  And I think I've reached it.

In an effort to return to my former self...meaning the day of our wedding (that was the beginning of the end)...I have once again joined the YMCA.  I love the Y--I just don't love the 15 minute commute.  I really only have about 25 pounds to lose, but I've hit the age where I start to complain about how the weight just doesn't melt off like it used to.  Pretty soon I'll be complaining about my aching joints.  And my sleeping habits.

Meanwhile, Perry is also in weight loss mode.  Every woman out there knows that losing weight along with her husband is, ummmm....frustrating.  Perry has replaced one meal a day with a Lean Cuisine, and in three weeks has lost 13 pounds.  I work my tail off at the Y and practically starve myself, and the scale laughs at me.

I have a feeling things will change for me soon, but listening to his weight loss triumphs makes me want to grab a bag of chocolate chips.  And peanut butter.  Okay, so maybe it's 26 pounds.

Under Construction

Please bear with me...

One of my goals of 2012 is to become more serious about blogging.  It's for family, it's for friends, but most of all, it's a great way to document what's going on in our lives as it happens.  I simply can't believe that January is nearly over; it makes me sad that time just keeps flying by and my efforts at recording all of the big and small events in our lives are not what I had hoped they would be!  

Over the past week, I've been trying to figure out how to make our blog prettier, and a reflection of our family.  It'll be a while before I get it just how I want, so you may click on a tab and not find anything...for now.  Eventually, I'll get it right.   

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Pitter, patter...I hear the footsteps to my bedroom door each morning.  "Mommy...POTTY," Calvin yells to me.  And so my day begins.  

It's a day filled with sweeping crumbs off the floor, kissing boo-boos, attempting to anticipate the next tumble, hurriedly sending Natalie off to school, washing, folding and putting clothes away, (I usually only get to step two in that process!), stain removal, cooking, cleaning, tossing back massive amounts of caffeine, bath time, stories, puzzles, putting away toys, stepping on toys, putting toys away again, singing, dancing, smiling, laughing, aaaaaand the occasional time out.
Breakfast time with Calvin...pancakes and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Life as a stay-at-home mommy isn't easy, but I thank the Lord every day that I am able to spend every waking minute with my precious babies.  
Calvin kissing Natalie
Of course, it's not a picnic...I have my moments of frustration just like any other mother, but the Lord always has ways of reminding me how blessed I am,

through a smile, a hug, or a big sticky kiss.  

And so, as I sit here at night, during my only few hours of "me time," I am ready to head off to bed.  I can't wait for the pitter patter of feet as Calvin runs up to my bed in the morning and the big smile from Natalie as I lift her from bed.  It gives meaning to my life to be the center of their lives.

Night, night.