Sunday, September 23, 2012

Time to Catch Up!

Lots of things happen when you don't update your blog for almost two months!  It certainly has been a busy two months for us, though.  Here's what has taken place since I last sat down to update our blog:

Natalie had her half-body cast removed on August 8th, but before she could be released from the pink monster, she was diagnosed with pneumonia.  The p-word is a scary one in our house.  It's never easy for Natalie to fight off pneumonia, even at nearly six years old.  Thankfully, after a week and a half of antibiotics and many, many nebulizer treatments, she was able to fully recover, this time at home and not in the hospital!

Calvin is always nearby to make Natalie smile; on this day, I found him reciting Wynken, Blynken and Nod to Natalie.  I recite it to him every night before he goes to sleep, and now he has it almost memorized himself!  It's pretty hard to understand him here, but he's doing it.  I had tears in my eyes because he had no idea I was even in the room!

Once the cast was removed, it was time for our yearly Olson Family Trip to Eagle Beach Resort in Minnesota.  It wasn't the hottest lake week we've ever had, but overall it was pretty nice!  It's always good to get away and enjoy the peace and quiet of the lake.

Calvin loved the beach...  

 ...and fishing...

...making sand castles...

 ...and eating pancakes with Daddy!  Mmmmm...The Logging Camp.

Natalie loved the boat...

 ...and the wind in her hair as Daddy water skiied behind her!

But all good things must come to an end, and summer quickly ended.  That means it was back to school for Natalie.  She's back at Jefferson in her preschool classroom for one last year before entering kindergarten.  She could have attended kindergarten this year, but we decided to do one last year with the teachers and therapists she's known since she was three years old.  We're in no hurry to get her into full days--she has many years of schooling ahead!

Calvin loves the bus almost as much as Natalie does.   

Meanwhile, I'm busy at home preparing for another busy fall and winter of football/basketball reffing for Perry.  He is gone nearly every night of the week reffing all across the state.  I spend a lot of time preparing meals to freeze, so I can cut down on the grocery store trips.  I'm a hermit during the winter.  I have very little tolerance for cold weather.

I've also started baking cakes/cupcakes as a side hobby.  It's become my creative outlet and my escape from the constant laundry and cleaning duties.  I'm considering hiring a maid.  Perry would never know.  Here's a sample of some of my latest creations.

I really can't believe October is almost here.  It's Hostfest week in Minot, and I'm actually really excited!  We're going to Jeff Foxworthy on Tuesday, then the kids and I will wander the halls the rest of the days.  I must be turning into an old person.