Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One More Hug

I was directed to a Web site tonight for a little girl who just passed away today from brain cancer. I don't know Layla Grace or her family, but thanks to the internet, she has thousands of people out there who are praying for her and her family. Of course, a story like this always reminds me of Natalie's fight three and a half years ago. Reading the posts from Layla's parents brings me back to those terrible days in the hospital at Natalie's bedside. I don't know how many times I sat there in the darkest of hours whispering into Natalie's ear to keep fighting and stay with us. I told her over and over not to leave me. No parent should ever have to experience that. We were the lucky ones. Natalie made it...but many others don't. In my quiet moments with Natalie, I often whisper in her ear how thankful I am that she fought to stay with us. Hug your babies! Let them know every day how much you love them. There are many parents out there, like Layla's parents, who would give anything for just one more hug.