Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Counting Down the Days...

Three weeks to go!  It's been three weeks since Natalie's surgery in Grand Forks, and we've been busy enough that the weeks have gone by quickly.  
Daddy and Natalie following surgery
Although the spica cast this year is a bit smaller than last year's cast, Natalie is just as annoyed with it.
We found this double stroller that is now the only way we can transport Natalie; her wheelchair is just too narrow for the cast.  It has been a lifesaver!  I'm so excited because it should fit her well even after the cast comes off, which means I can take both kids shopping again!  The wheelchair has no storage, so not only could I not push two kids around at the same time, I had to carry all grocery items in my hands at the same time--quite a juggling act you might say!  Now, if Natalie could only stay this size forever!

Enjoying a beautiful morning in her bean bag
Overall, Natalie is handling the cast as well as can be expected.  I've even done a decent job of keeping it clean and smelling okay.  This time, when the cast comes off, we are prepared for a few stiff days from not being able to move her muscles for weeks.  We're hoping that she's feeling better quickly, because we're headed to Minnesota for our week-long vacation a few days after the cast comes off!

We spent lots of time at the ND State Fair last week!
Calvin has been a great helper for me.  He adores Natalie, and he can't wait to see her every morning.  When she cries, he says, "it's okay, honey."  He retrieves diapers/bibs/brushes...basically anything I need.  I can already see his tender heart growing and understanding that Natalie needs lots of help.  It's amazing to see how Natalie is teaching him lessons so early in life.
Snuggled in her new stroller
Unfortunately, the misery has increased for Natalie while in her cast.  She has developed "significant pneumonia," and has been quite sad lately.  We took her in yesterday morning...she has had a nasty cough for a couple of months now.  However, she was checked out by a doctor prior to surgery, and he determined that it wasn't in her lungs.  Something must have changed over the last week, though, so I'm thankful we went into the doctor when we did.  She was started on some potent antibiotics and today she has been much happier than the past couple of days.  Pneumonia is always a scary word for us when we're talking about Natalie.  She's just such a tiny thing who has had so much damage to her lungs in the past.

So, I hope she's on the road to recovery and will be back to her happy ol' self six days from now when the pink monster is removed!  Please pray for her comfort this week as she recovers and her comfort following the cast removal.