Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chicago...Here We Come!

It's been a while since I've updated on this blog, and I'll have to remember to get on here more often to share pics, news, etc.
If you follow Natalie's CaringBridge site, you can find out all about her trip to Fargo for Botox. We're really starting to tell the difference as her legs are much more loose.
So we're less than 3 weeks away from our trip to Chicago for my surgery! I'm so excited, and scared at the same time. I've been in the hospital for many procedures, but believe it or not, I've never had a surgical incision. The procedure to place the abdominal cerclage is much like a C-section (and in fact the same incision site is used to deliver future babies). We got a little scare on Friday morning, however. This trip is possible for us at this time because we had one free airline ticket, an incredibly cheap hotel stay at the Comfort Inn downtown thanks to a co-worker, and the fact that the surgery is covered by my insurance. Our insurance pays 90/10--and the University of Chicago Hospital then accepts the 90% as paid in full...WOW! It was a win/win situation! On Friday morning, a woman from the U of C hospital called and told me that my doctor in Minot needed to fax his referral to BCBS, and she also told us that there is a $1500 charge by our insurance company that is due at the time of the procedure. My heart sunk into my stomach. It turns out, she didn't realize that once my Minot OB sent the referral to BCBS, the surgery became an "in-network" procedure. PHEW! I don't know what we would have done, but I'm sure we would have made it work.
So anyway, the plan is to leave on December 13th (a Saturday) on the late morning flight. We'll spend Saturday evening and all Sunday exploring the city during the Christmas season. Then, bright and early on Monday morning, I go in for the surgery. I stay one night at the hospital (and Perry can stay with me if the other bed in the room isn't occupied), and then we need to stay one night (Tuesday night) at a hotel in town. This is because I won't be ready to travel until Wednesday. We'll get home on Wednesday afternoon.
Here is a link to Dr. Haney's profile--and I've found that he is considered the top doctor in the country to perform this procedure--so I know I'm in good hands!
I'm already starting to get nervous about leaving Natalie for so long. I know we need the time alone, and that Natalie will be just fine, but she's my little monkey attached to my hip! Maybe we'll have to hook up a webcam to stay in touch.
Our plans for the holidays are the same as usual. Thanksgiving day will be spent in Minot with Perry's family, then we'll go to Sherwood on Friday to spend time with my family. As for Christmas, it's the same there, too! Christmas Eve is with the Olsons, and Christmas Day is with the Millers.
I guess that's all for now! I'll try to get more on here soon!