Monday, July 22, 2013

Introducing Dexter Arthur Olson

So, I realize he's approaching four months old, but it's finally time to share the arrival of our sweet little baby boy, Dexter Arthur.

This was my second C-section, and it went so much better than the first, thanks to an amazing anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist.

The worst part of having a C-section is waiting an hour in recovery before being able to join Daddy and baby up in our room.  It's like being a kid on Christmas morning, waiting for my parents to wake up so we can open presents.

And, oh, what a present he is!

 That little angelic face just melts my heart.

This is NICU nurse, Laureen.  She brought Natalie to me the day she was born almost seven years ago.  She will always hold a place in my heart as the nurse who has been there for all of our babies (she works in the big baby nursery, too!).  Unfortunately, Natalie couldn't be there for this picture.

Fast forward four months, and Dexter is smiling like crazy, rolling from back to tummy and tummy to back, grabbing for toys, and cutting his first teeth.  As cliché as it is, time really does just fly by.  Before I know it, he'll be graduating from high school.  

While I often feel like I'm swimming against the current, and never getting anything done, I also feel like I'm enjoying motherhood much more this time around.  Maybe it's because I'm older and more "experienced," or maybe I'm just realizing that this is probably our last baby, but I don't want to take a single second with my children for granted.  

If I'm doing the dishes and Calvin says he wants to play with me, I drop the dish rag.  I can't think of anything better to do than play with my kids.  I'm lucky enough to stay at home with them, and I'm not going to waste that time worrying about having a spotless house.

So here they are, our little ones.  Our family is complete.